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Vendor Advisory Committee

The Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC) provides recommendations, guidance, and technical assistance to the agency’s Board of Directors. The Committee meets monthly to discuss and review both state and agency issues that impact service providers in our community.

The VAC usually meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at the ELARC offices (no meetings in August or December).

The general meeting begins at 10 am and subcommittees may meet at 11:30 am. Subcommittees include: Infant Development Programs, Supported Living/Independent Living Services, Adult Day Services, Residential Services and Transportation.

For more information, please contact the Community Services Unit Office Assistant at 626.299.4772 or you may email Meeting dates may be subject to change.

*Vendor Advisory Committee-Election of Executive Committee Officers*

November 21, 2019 Election Meeting

According to the VAC Bylaws, Article 4 Section 3 Term and Election of Executive Committee voting for positions shall occur during the regular meeting in November of odd numbered years.  In addition, votes in absentia can occur prior to the meeting.

View the Election candidate information here. Be sure to scroll down to read all 3 bios. The ballot to cast/submit your vote can be viewed here.  To vote in absentia, complete the ballot, scan, and email to  Votes cast in absentia received by the Executive Committee prior to the Election Meeting and available in hardcopy at that meeting shall be counted. The Election Meeting requires a quorum and a majority of votes cast.  One ballot vote is allowed per vendor as determined by Tax ID number. Any vendor casting a vote in absentia must submit no later than 9:00 am on November 21, 2019. Ballots for voting in person will be made available at the November 21, 2019 meeting.

It is the intent of the VAC leadership to provide notice to the VAC members to make them aware of these actions to ensure their participation in the upcoming opportunity to cast their vote.