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Service Providers: There's still time for you share your story of how unfunded mandates hurt your clients, staff, and services!

Post Date:February 07, 2018

Did you know?
If a service provider's operating expenses go up, regional centers are forbidden from simply increasing their rates to cover new expenses. In fact, there are no simple ways for centers to help their providers meet increasing costs. That's why California's 21 regional centers - represented by ARCA - are working to help Assemblymember Holden, who is leading the push for extra money for providers to meet those funding needs.

He is currently sharing a letter with his colleagues in the Legislature, asking them to support his effort. But he needs your help, and your stories, to better make the point that supporting service providers is critical for sustaining our system. 

Can you send a short email this week, sharing your story? It's as easy as writing an answer to the question "How do local cost pressures that you aren't compensated for hurt your clients, your staff, and your business?" Specific details (NO sensitive client data, please!) help underscore this message, so if you can include facts, figures, or individual examples, do so! Examples can include changes in labor, housing, leasing, and fuel costs.

Just click here and tell us your story.
And be sure to forward this email on to your colleagues!