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UPDATE FY 2018-19 Community Resource Development Plan Priorities

Post Date:August 15, 2018

Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (ELARC) priorities considered for the Community Resource Development Plan proposals to the Department of Developmental Services include but may not be limited to development in the following areas:

  • Health related services
  • Behavioral services
  • Training resources
  • Affordable Housing
  • Transportation Options
  • Home Health Agency Services
  • Out of Home Respite – Culture and Language Specific to Asian Community
  • Competency Training
  • Residential Services for Adults/Children with High Mental Health Needs
  • Forensic Focused Residential Service

Any additional input from consumers/family members, service providers and advocates in the ELARC community should be submitted to ELARC as soon as possible for consideration in the development of proposals for submittal to DDS for funding requests. Please submit input to Christina Razo at or (626) 299-4847.