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DDS Vendor Rate Study-UPDATE

Meetings Scheduled

Post Date:March 18, 2019

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) through its contract with Burns and Associates (B&A), completed a rate study authorized under ABX2 1.  The rate study on the provision of community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities has been submitted to the California Legislature. View the DDS Cover Letter.

View the Rate Study

The rate study includes four parts:

  • Part 1 summarizes the various methodologies for establishing rates for home and community-based services and outlines current rates and methodologies in California.
  • Part 2 provides an overview of the study, including the project’s timeline, principles adopted to guide the study, and data sources used to inform rates.
  • Part 3 covers the major components of the rate models, including direct care worker wages, benefits and productivity, indirect costs such as program operations and provider administrative costs, and adjustments to account for regional cost differences.
  • Part 4 provides a summary of the rate study results.

Additionally,  through the process of engaging stakeholders and to inform the rate study, a consumer and family survey was conducted by B&A’s subcontractor, Human Services Research Institute (HSRI).  
As a follow-up, HSRI has scheduled briefing meetings throughout the state from March 18 through March 24 to share information about the rate study and rate models.  The meetings will be held in seven different locations and will focus on obtaining feedback, and answer questions about the rate models.     
View meeting details including dates and locations here. Consumers and family members may register by clicking on the link next to their preferred location.

View meeting details in Spanish.