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Lyft WAV Service - Pilot Program

Post Date:August 05, 2019

WAV - Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Pilot through Lyft.

This pilot was launched on July 9, 2019 through Senate Bill 1376 in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Counties only. Lyft riders will now be able to request a WAV, in app by enabling Access Mode. The vehicles,  2019 Toyota Siennas,  are operated by certified drivers provided by First Transit and will be available exclusively for Lyft app WAV ride requests. This pilot is for 1 year and there are 5 vehicles per county only at this time. This slow roll out is intended in order to collect data. Up to 4 people can ride in the Toyota Sienna and service animals are allowed.

In order for Lyft to obtain accurate data, it is encouraged that you help spread the word about this new resource and use it as needed. 

For more information, please visit their website. You can also view their informational flyer here.