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DD Budget fights - A New Option!

Post Date:May 22, 2020

Did you get our action alert about how to advocate for federal support? Do you want another way to help? If so, we're sharing another chance for you to help fight to protect your services! 

You might have heard the Governor released an updated Budget for California. Because of the major impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our state's economy, it proposes over half a billion dollars in cuts to our service system. Some of this comes from new ideas being cancelled. But the biggest part of it is in cuts to service providers and regional centers. While we're pushing for federal money to prevent that, it's also critical our state legislators know why our system matters. 

This Sunday, May 24th, the Senate Budget committee that focuses on our system will be holding a hearing. It is the last chance to voice your concern this year. Normally, it's hard for people to attend these hearings. But because of COVID-19, they are opening up the phone lines and will be taking public comment! Will you be a part of it?

Starting no sooner than 2pm, that committee will review all "human services" issues - including developmental disabilities. It may start later if an unrelated part of the agenda takes longer than expected. 

As of Friday morning, our best information says you will need to call 1-877-336-4441, and use access code 7885060, to join in. If that number does not work, please check here for updated information. Instructions on how to make your comments will be given at various times during the hearing. When you do, be sure to say your full name and something like

"Please oppose cuts to developmental services! I’m worried there won’t be enough services to meet my needs.”


Common questions

  • When is public comment? In a similar hearing, it started after about an hour.
  • What if I'm disconnected? Just call back in!
  • How do I say I want to comment? The operator will tell you how. It's usually by pressing 1 0 on your keypad. They'll tell you what your caller number is.
  • When is it my turn? Turns aren't in the order of the caller numbers. They will call your number when it's your turn.
  • Do I need to mute my phone? NO! The operator automatically mutes everyone, and will unmute you when it's your turn!
  • Can I watch the hearing? YES! The hearing will be livestreamed as well. When it's "In Progress" you can click the "Watch" link.

The link looks like this...
Once you give your testimony, that's it! You can hang up, and know you've done your part to help fight for your services!