Core Values

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Core Values

We Believe

...Persons with developmental disabilities have the right to grow and develop. We provide opportunities for life long learning.

...In the right of self-determination for persons with developmental disabilities. We are committed to creating opportunities for every consumer to make choices and decisions in their lives.

...Every individual should have the opportunity to be part of their community. We create opportunities for consumers which fulfill their need for integrated life experiences.

...Health, safety, security and stability are important in the lives of all individuals. We are committed to assuring that these values, along with individual preferences, are considered when contemplating and supporting life decisions.

...Persons with developmental disabilities have the right to receive quality services. We are committed to finding new approaches which enhance service quality.

...In a dynamic partnership with our communities.

...In the search for innovative approaches to the coordination of services. We are committed to seeking creative methods to serve our consumers.

Adopted by ELARC Board of Directors on January 13, 1998