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Intellectual Disability

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What is an Intellectual Disability?

Intellectual Disability (ID) (formerly known as Mental Retardation) is defined as significant sub-average level of intellectual functioning. IQ levels are 70 or below with concurrent deficits or impairments in adaptive functioning such as areas of self-help and safety awareness. Levels are as follows: Mild ID, IQ is between 50-70; Moderate ID, IQ is between 35-55; Severe ID, IQ is between 20-40 and Profound ID, IQ is below 20.

Global Developmental Delay: diagnosis is given when the child is under age 5 and level of severity is unable to be assessed but there is suspicion of possible ID. Re-evaluation is necessary to confirm diagnosis

Unspecified Intellectual Disability: diagnosis given when an individual is over the age of 5 and standardized testing is unable to be completed due to physical, motor, behavioral, or mental health factors but there is a suspicion of ID. Re-evaluation is necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

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American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities  

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