Budget Update

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State Capitol

State Budget Update 

For information on the 2018/19 Budget and how it impacts Regional Centers and the individuals we serve View the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) budget page 

The Learning Marketplace Presents: Governmental Affairs Training:

Do you want to know more about the legislative or budget process? How a bill actually becomes a law? Do you want to learn how to better engage and get involved with your elected officials? If so, this training is for you.  Contact Roxy Ortiz for more information regarding upcoming sessions at rortiz@elarc.org 

ARCA Reports

October 2018: The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) has released  its newest report: Building A System for Tomorrow: Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities to Lead Inclusive Lives.  This paper focuses on the essential resources the developmental services system needs to build a system for the future - to support individuals with developmental disabilities to lead inclusive lives they choose for themselves in their own communities. 

Additionally, reports authored by ARCA  in earlier years explain how funding limitations have negatively impacted regional centers’ ability to provide quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  By posting these reports, ELARC hopes that they will increase your understanding of the challenges the developmental services system faces in supporting each Californian with a developmental disability as envisioned by the Lanterman Act.

Previous ARCA Reports

On the Brink of Collapse
Funding the Work of California’s Regional Centers
Inadequate Rates for Service Provision in California
ELARC page “Contact Your Legislator”


Please note: The Budget Page is updated when actions taken on the California state budget from the State Legislature and/or Governor's office and/or Department of Developmental Services have or may have significant impact for individuals with developmental disabilities.