Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center will continue to operate during the “Safer at Home” order in place for Los Angeles County.  The ELARC office buildings will be closed to the public beginning Friday, March 20, 2020. Our main number is (626) 299-4700. The best way to reach your Service Coordinator is by email or phone, view the staff phone list here.  We want you to stay safe and be well. Additional information is available at ELARC/COVID-19.

Board of Directors FAQs

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  • What is the purpose of the Regional Center Board?

    The Regional Center Board oversees activities of the regional center to assure that they:
    • Assist persons with developmental disabilities and their families in securing those services and supports which maximize opportunities and choices for living, working, learning, and recreating in the community.
    • reflect the maximum cost effectiveness possible and are based on a service coordination model.
  • What are the responsibilities of a regional center board?

    The Regional Center Board:
    • annually reviews the performance of the director of the regional center.
    • reviews and approves the budget for the regional center.
    • reviews and approves policies and procedures of the regional center.
    • reviews and approves the performance contract for the regional center.
    • listens to and responds to the public input of the regional center community.
    • may appoint a consumers' advisory committee composed of persons with developmental disabilities representing the various categories of disability served by the regional center.
    • is required to appoint an advisory committee composed of a wide variety of persons representing the various categories of providers from which the regional center purchases client services (Vendor Advisory Committee).
  • What is the length of term Regional Center Board members serve?

    Members of the Board of Directors shall not be permitted to serve more than 7 years within each 8 year period.

  • Does the Regional Center help board members in carrying out their responsibilities?

    Each regional center is required to provide necessary training and support to board members to facilitate their understanding and participation. As part of its monitoring responsibility, the Department of Developmental Services reviews and approves the method by which training and support are provided to board members to ensure maximum understanding and participation by board members.
  • How can I be on the ELARC Board?

    ELARC is actively seeking the applications of individuals who are interested in serving on the Board, especially from consumers and families and from those who reflect the diversity of the ELARC catchment area. If you would like to receive an application, call Rosalie Estrada at 626-299-4740 and one will be mailed to you.