Notices for Service Providers

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This section is intended to provide information, notices, and updates that impact the service provider community. Please check back often for pertinent updates.  


Visit the ELARC Budget Update page  for updated information on the state budget and its impact on the Regional Center system 


2018 Minimum Wage Increase: Rate changes due to Minimum Wage Increase, effective January 1, 2018.  View the Notice Letter here and the Vendor Worksheet.  

ELARC Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC) is interested in providing all vendors with agenda topics that are meaningful and useful to all vendors.  In an effort to address the training needs and/or issues of vendors during the VAC meetings please complete a short survey to share any topics you would like to see presented during the VAC meetings.  This information will be used for developing the ongoing VAC meeting agendas. For more information on the VAC, visit their webpage here.

Advocacy for AB 279 (8/18/2017): TWO Things You can do to actively get involved with your elected assembly person and senator to get support for the passage of AB279.  This bill will allow regional centers to locally process requests for minimum wage increases above the State minimum wage created by local jurisdictions.  Click here for more information and specific details on how you can help.  Click here to track this bill.

Survey for Provider Rate Increases (7/18/2017): All Service Providers who received rate increases, effective July 1, 2016, targeted for the purpose of increasing wages and benefits for staff who spend a minimum of 75 percent of their time providing direct services to consumers are required to submit this survey no later than October 1, 2017, or the rate increase will be forfeited. In order to meet the statutory timeline, it is recommended that you complete the mandated survey on or before Friday, September 15, 2017. For full details, survey links, assistance via webinars, and more, please view the instructions here. You may also view the letter from DDS to Regional Center Executive Directors for additional information.

Previous post about ABX2-1: New Provider Rates Effective July 1, 2016 (June 28, 2016): The State budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17, and Assembly Bill (AB) X2-1 (Chapter 3, Statutes of 20161) provides for a number of rate changes and/or increases for some service providers. The rate increases, effective July 1, 2016, are only applicable for providers with rates set by the Department (including rates set in statute or regulation), or providers with rates set through  negotiation between regional centers and the provider. The rate increases do not apply for providers with usual and customary rates or rates that are set by other entities.  Read more here.

EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLANS DUE     Post Date: June 22, 2017:  All Service Providers will be receiving  a letter with an  "Agency Emergency Plan template" in the mail from ELARC. Please submit your draft Agency Emergency Plan to your assigned ELARC Community Services Specialist by  August 1, 2017. Please insure that your agency has also provided updated emergency contact information to your Community Services Specialist  including an email address.  ELARC has communicated with providers in the past regarding heat alerts, regional earthquakes, and other emergency issues.    It is important that ELARC be able to communicate with you on preparedness issues and essential that we be able to reach your agency in the event of a disaster.   As a Service Provider you play a crucial role in our planning together for preparedeness, response, and recovery.  ELARC looks forward to sharing more information and working together to insure we all have a plan in the event of an emergency.  View the Agency Emergency Plan template.      View the letter from ELARC.

CALL for Service Providers to Provide Employment ServicesELARC is encouraging all service providers to review and become familiar with the “California Competitive Integrated Employment Blueprint."  Service providers interested in assisting the individuals we serve in securing employment are invited to attend an upcoming informational session at ELARC in the near future.  Service providers are not required to have the habilitation services vendor status to participate in assisting individuals with paid internship program services and/or receive paid incentives for assisting individuals to secure competitive integrated employment.  Some services may be limited should Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) services be indicated for the individual.  However, service providers may pursue application with DOR as qualified for the provision of those services.  If you are interest in getting more information on how you can participate in these two programs please contact your assigned community services specialist. Please email Ofelia Martinez and provide your contact information (name, title, company name, address, phone number, fax number and email address) to receive the flyer notice that will be released for this upcoming informational event.  Upcoming training opportunities to help equip service providers in this area of employment services can be found at and or

Seeking group-home staff who support an adult with developmental disabilities to participate in an Abuse Risk Reduction Study. Compensation of $70.00 may be awarded to each participant. For more information, please view their flyer.

Rate Changes due to Minimum Wage Increase, Effective January 1, 2017. View the Notice Letter here and the Vendor Worksheet. Please note that the Vendor Worksheet and Summary and Certification Sheet were updated March 7th, 2017 to reflect standing instructions.

Employment Forum: ELARC Employment Forum established a partnership commitment in October of 2014. Vendors are welcomed to submit their commitment at any time, joining forces to increase employment for consumers. View the ELARC Partnership Commitment with Vendors.

Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) training can be requested through our Autism Specialist for an on-site demonstration at your agency. Interested in your staff learning more? Please view the flyer.  


Rate Adjustments Due To Changes in Local (City, County) Laws Related to Minimum Wage  Effective July 1, 2016, both the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles passed local ordinances that will increase worker minimum wages.  Other city or county jurisdictions may also have passed or will pass laws/ordinances related to employee wages and benefits.  Read the full notice here. 

Competitive Integrated Employment Incentive Payments The Lanterman Act has been amended to increase sustained competitive integrated employment (CIE) placements by regional center service providers. CIE is full or part-time work for which an individual is paid minimum wage or greater in a setting with others who do not have disabilities. The changes authorize funding to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for incentive payments to providers for placement and retention of regional center consumers, consistent with a consumer’s Individual Program Plan (IPP).  Read more here.  For more information contact Frances Jacobs at

DDS Releases Guidelines for Implementation of Paid Internship Program.  The Lanterman Act was amended to add language to encourage competitive integrated employment for individuals with developmental disabilities. Included in the language is authorization of funding to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) for a paid internship program.  .  If you are interested in this program, please contact Frances Jacobs at

STATES OF EMERGENCY: CLAIMS INFORMATION (updated 12/11/17): If your delivery of services was impacted due to an event that has been declared to be an Emergency by the Governor,  you may be eligible for reimbursement.  Listed below are Department of Developmental Services (DDS) memos regarding recent Emergency Declarations. 

For further information  and to obtain a claim form about any of the listed declared states of emergency, please contact Elisa Salazar at

Notice for Sick Leave Adjustment Requests (March 2016): Click here for all the information 

VAC Emergency Operations Planning: What would happen if you were unable to provide services due to a disaster?  What would happen to the people you serve? What would happen to your staff, your business?  It is important not only to prepare for a disaster, but also to plan how your agency will respond during a disaster, (including how you will communicate during a disaster,) and how you will recover your business operations after a disaster.   The ELARC Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC) will be addressing Emergency Operations Planning (EOP) at their upcoming meetings.  The VAC has an EOP workgroup that meets every other month one hour prior to the regular VAC meeting, all providers are welcome to join this group.  Contact Ofelia Martinez at  for information on when the next VAC EOP Group meets. 

MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2016 (December 30, 2015): Effective January 1, 2016, the minimum wage in California will increase from $9.00 to $10.00 per hour. Click here to view the full notice and for more information.  


NEW FEDERAL REGULATIONS FOR HCBS (September 22, 2015): HCBC Statewide Transition Plan  

EMPLOYEE SICK LEAVE (August 11, 2015): Update! Vendor Rate Adjustments for Employee Sick Leave

OVERTIME UPDATE (JUNE 30, 2015): The United States Department of Labor has been working to update the rule that would extend overtime pay to more workers. The proposal would guarantee overtime pay to most salaried workers earning less than $50,440 next year, click here to read more. ELARC is awaiting direction from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) regarding the implementation of this change about overtime.  We will keep our vendors informed and they can also check the DDS website at

WAP PROVIDERS UPDATE (JUNE 30, 2015): The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has posted a letter to Work Activity Program (WAP) Executive Directors that serves as a notice of the schedule of maximum billing days for WAP services in the 2015-16 Fiscal Year (Title 17, Section 58880.) It is further advised in the letter that WAP service providers may vary from the schedule provided and outlines how to submit such changes to the Regional Center. Click here to view the letter/reporting form for more detailed information. Payment for services will be based on the schedule provided by DDS in this letter unless the WAP provider submits changes by July 31, 2015. 

ELARC INTERNSHIPS : ELARC can serve as a site for interns to learn job skills. Check back for updates.

MEDICATION ERROR DIAGNOSTIC TOOL (SEPTEMBER 30, 2014): The Medication Error Diagnostic Tool  must be submitted with all medication error SIRs that take place under vendor care.

MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE (JULY 1, 2014): Minimum Wage Increase Effective July 1, 2014

2011 VENDOR REQUIREMENT: 2011 Requirement for vendors receiving $250,000 or more from Regional Centers.

SERVICE PROVISION NOTICES: Notices regarding service provision from current and previous fiscal years can be found on the DDS Website on both the Vendors and Provider Information Page and the Budget Information Page

RISK MANAGEMENT: Visit the ELARC Risk Management Page for information regarding Risk Management and Mitigation, Mandated Reporting and Special Incident Reporting. 

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Visit the ELARC Emergency Preparedness page for information and resources on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

ONLINE SIR FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS: ELARC has developed an on-line Special Incident Report (SIR) form that will offer another alternative to complete and submit SIRs to ELARC. The new feature is currently being launched on the website’s home page for a temporary time; simultaneously it is permanently located on the SIR page under Service Providers. The online SIR form is meant to provide another delivery method, service providers can still chose to submit SIRs by fax (626) 299-4637 or by email. During its debut, please submit any issues regarding the function of the on-line form to


To request more information regarding the following expired notices, please email us at


CalABLE Stakeholders' Meeting: December 28th at the ELARC Boardroom and December 29th at the Uptown Whittier Senior Center. RSVP deadline is December 21st. For detailed information and to learn how to RSVP please view the flyer. 

DIRECT SERVICE PROVIDER (DSP) TRAINING UPDATE: There are key changes to Direct Service Provider (DSP) training  that go into effect September 1, as outlined by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS.)  DSP training is required for all residential providers/staff. View the DDS flyer for more details. View a list of Service Hubs and their Regional Center catchment areasView the DDS webpage for more information. View the Pasadena/South Central LA Training DatesView the Monterey Park Training DatesView the Bellflower Training DatesView the Palmdate/Valley Training DatesView the South Central LA Training Dates.

VENDOR RATE ADJUSTMENTS FOR EMPLOYEE SICK TIME (June 30, 2015): Assembly Bill (AB) 1522, enacting the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, entitles employees who work on or after July 1, 2015 and who work 30 or more days within a year, to accrue sick leave. Vendors will receive, or be eligible to request, a rate increase, if necessary to comply with these new requirements. View the June 29, 2015 memo from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) which provides all the details on the exact amount of sick leave accrual, the types of vendors that are affected, and what process will be used to make necessary rate adjustments.

PROVIDER ASSESSMENT TOOLS UPDATE (JUNE 16, 2015): State Seeking Public Input on Provider Assessment Tools