Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center will continue to operate during the “Safer at Home” order in place for Los Angeles County.  The ELARC office buildings will be closed to the public beginning Friday, March 20, 2020. Our main number is (626) 299-4700. The best way to reach your Service Coordinator is by email or phone, view the staff phone list here.  We want you to stay safe and be well. Additional information is available at ELARC/COVID-19.


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State of Emergency: LA County/LA City Civil Unrest: On May 30, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency for Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles, as a result of the civil unrest following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020. On June 1, 2020, Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (ELARC) received the attached State of Emergency (SOE) notification from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  As a result, DDS is authorizing, pursuant to Title 17, California Code of Regulations section 54326(a)(11), Regional Centers to pay vendors of nonresidential services for absences that are the direct result of the civil unrest in Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles.  Read the full correspondence here.

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Providers: 6/2/20 Update on SOE Billing: A May 7, 2020 Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Directive and subsequent May 26, 2020 ELARC correspondence and requested self-certification has led to questions regarding State of Emergency (SOE) absence billing.  This notice is intended as an update.  

If you are a service provider who is eligible for SOE absence billing, you may submit your billing as usual.  Per the DDS directive, Service Providers are advised to pursue other forms of funding during this SOE such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan.  If the provider obtains a loan, the provider may still bill for SOE absence billing. If any loan related to the SOE, such as the PPP, is forgiven in the future, the provider should then advise ELARC. If the loan is forgiven,  ELARC will then work with the provider to reconcile any funds through a payback or amended billing process.  Providers are advised to keep all documentation related to SOE absence billing and related loan or other funding applications.

Submitting Notification of Supported Employment Program Group Changes: Form DS 1963: The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) recognizes that many providers and the individuals they serve have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, including reductions in work hours or losses of individual jobs and/or group placements. This correspondence serves as a reminder to Regional Centers and Supported Employment Program (SEP) providers that pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 17 section 58832(c), a DS 1963 form must be submitted to the Department. View the complete DDS correspondence here with all instructions on how to submit the DS 1963 form.

COVID-19 Bridge Funding: The onetime limited 2.1% increase some vendors received on May 1, 2019 is set to expire April 30, 2020. This rate increase was approved as ‘Bridge Funding’ for specific services, which included Community Care Facilities (CCF), day programs, independent living services, respite, and infant development. The increase was approved for services provided in ‘high cost’ counties. This was a temporary increase for twelve (12) months and will expire on April 30, 2020. Read correspondence regarding this matter here

NOTE: ELARC service providers may bill for absences related to the COVID-19 State Of Emergency. Access the following billing worksheets:

Daily Billing Worksheet

Hourly Billing Worksheet

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